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Digital Link to 2ND VISIONS in hiqh quality. Your support is greatly valued. Thanks for watching:) 


Our 2nd full length skate video with parts from Roger Krebs, Ben Gore, Andrea Dupre, Guillaume Nozieres, Hiroki Muraoka, Dustin Eggeling, Mark Humienik and Josh Narvaez. Brian and Sean Powderly share their first part as brothers. Coast to coast connections from San Francisco to New York with Ty Beall, Jameel Douglas, Kenny Hurd, Connor Kammerer, Leo Gutman, Buckets, Sam Narvaez, Dylan Drew, Etiel Rojas, Zack May, Peter Jeremy, Masa Irishio, Jinnosuke Okada, Shoma Takeda, Kojiro Hara, Ali Jbilou, Atali Mendes and Dougie George. Filmed By: Zach Chamberlin Logan Matthews Tristan Mershon Stephen Buggica Josh Stewart John Valenti Zack May Jesse Narvaez Jesse Braun Keisho Ko J. Sanders Christian Hemmer


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